Jury Duty, Part 8: The Time Wasting

In which I sat around all day. Again.

Reminiscent of my first experience with jury duty, today we sat around all day.

We arrived at 9:30 like usual, and at 9:50 the bailiff told us that we’d be starting late at a little after 10.

Come 11:00, we are finally called down to the courtroom. As we get started, the prosecution rests her case, at which point the judge informs us that he needs to handle some motions, and we are sent back upstairs while they do this.

We wait around for another 15 minutes, and are then summoned back to the courtroom. The judge informs us that the defense doesn’t have any witnesses ready for us, and we are told to take our lunch recess at 11:30 and to come back at 1:30.

At 1:30 we all return, buzz the buzzer and wait. And wait. And wait. Around 2:15 they call us down, only to inform us that the defense was unable to get their witnesses to appear due to conflicts at work and that we were dismissed. The judge told us that he was as frustrated with the situation as we were (something I doubt) but that we would convene the next day at the usual time.

Our government, in action. Or inaction. Whichever.

The Jury Duty Saga