Jury Duty, Part 10: The Closing

In which we hear the closing arguments for both sides

Today starts the closing arguments for the prosecution and for all defendants.

You’d think lawyers would have better powerpoint skills. One of the powerpoint presentations (done by a public defender) is in black text on a white background, all caps.

  • IT HAD
  • LIKE THIS…….

In addition to all that…it has sounds. I’ve never seen a powerpoint with sounds before. There is a drumroll between slides (which sometimes got stuck looping which required turning down the volume). There is the TAAA-DAAA sound. And most egregious of all, there are fucking gunshot sounds as accents as text slides in. How clueless do you have to be to put gunshot sounds in a powerpoint for the closing arguments of a murder trial if you are a defense attorney? I mean, come on.

One defense argument is that there is some sort of bizarre love triangle between the two victims and someone who is not in this case.

An argument for Defendant 3 is that he is, and I quote, “unintelligent and suggestible” and the cops made him lie in his confession. While I wasn’t especially thrilled with some of the things the cops did during his interview, they DID read him his rights, which he said he understood and signed off on. He kept on talking anyway. Also his defense is that he is a liar.

Lawyers, man.

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